It’s our Social Security, too

I don’t bring up Social Security much around my friends, probably because it’s not exactly the most riveting topic, but mainly because I know most of us in our twenties haven’t given our retirement much thought. In fact, when I finally did bring it up, it soon became clear that 1) almost nobody knew the basics, and 2) just about everybody thought Social Security wasn’t going to be around when they got older.

Unfortunately, my friends aren’t alone on this one. In fact, they’re pretty typical. As highlighted in Retirement USA’s Wake Up, Washington! initiative to increase awareness of Social Security among youth and other affected groups, AARP released a survey this year, showing that while 9 in 10 young adults (18-29 year-olds) believe that Social Security is an important program, only a third (33%) are confident that Social Security has a future. We don’t think Social Security is going to be there for our retirement – and yet as far as I know, there isn’t a large unit of concerned young adults mobilizing under the flag “Young People to Save Social Security!”

This wouldn’t concern me so much if Social Security wasn’t becoming a prime target for deficit hawks and special interest groups, who claim that Social Security is a drain on government funds (despite having funded itself through a dedicated payroll tax for 75 years). Our “vote of no confidence” in Social Security only adds fuel to policies for benefit cuts, retirement age increases (also a benefit cut), or even long-run privatization of the entire system. It’s easier to chip away at the program when an entire generation of voters grew up believing that the program was never going to make it anyway.

This might all be solved if we ever bothered to educate ourselves beyond what we “think” we know about one of the country’s oldest and most successful programs. Try to remember why you first thought Social Security wasn’t going to make it by the time you retire. Then do yourself a favor and find out for yourself. If you, did you might find out that Social Security is not in crisis, that the Social Security Administration already planned for the baby boomer retirees in 1983, or that Social Security’s long-run shortfall is very small and easily manageable with reform. In a nutshell: an easy fix.

This is why the current state of pessimism (or apathy) is not only depressing, it’s downright unacceptable. Why don’t we care more? Don’t we know what we’d be losing? Maybe we don’t realize that the people who are going to feel the effects of a cut in Social Security benefits - or a cut in the entire program – are us. It’s difficult for most of us to understand how important Social Security is because most of us have yet to receive benefits from the program. But I know that I, personally, don’t want somebody else to take it away because it provides such important protection against the curveballs life could throw at you. I want the privilege of learning about how important it is the way everybody else learned about it – when they got their first check because they were disabled, when the breadwinner in their family died, or when they finally reached retirement. So that when I get older I can look back and see that when I needed it, it was there – not that when I needed it, it wasn’t.

Social Security represents the very best of what a government program can be. But more than that, it’s a program that we may not fully understand yet, but we’ll definitely need in the future.

This blog entry was written by Anna Turner of the Economic Policy Institute and is cross-posted on the Huffington Post.


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artikel yang sangat

artikel yang sangat bermanfaat dan menarik untuk di simak sewa mobil bulanan jogja

Artikel yang sangat menarik

Artikel yang sangat menarik untuk di simak jasa bordir surabaya

terima kasih informasinya

terima kasih informasinya sangat bermaanfaat tukang renovasi kolam renang

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Read this short article to discover what individuals key queries are. myhomedevelopment Within our last post we discussed excellent and press, and the way we might determine what underlying message they're giving us using something known as Narrative Theological Biblical critique. newsrepeats It is actually all too simple to take the actual roof over your company for given, and it's something that many people really rarely consider during the evening. It is definitely there; there's every chance that it had been there before you decide to started working at the company, and it will likely be there long once you have moved onto another work. overseebusiness Learn how you can influence your kid's behavior without having them understanding it. Developing kids with higher self-esteem as well as confidence demands these 5 secrets and techniques that demonstrate how assist them earn at existence. Give all of them the edge they have to succeed and they're going to have the abilities needed to attain their goals. parentinggood Fleas as well as ticks : there's appears to be no end for their recurrence. Fortunately there's an affordable way to manage this, along with Frontline In addition. Here's the concise manual on Frontline In addition and how it will also help your canine. petsrights This post explains the most popular misconception how the sport associated with Powerlifting is really a Power sport however in fact may be the complete reverse. It is really a strength activity. This post will clarify the difference between your two kinds and demonstrate how each are superb tools for tactics pertaining to not simply powerlifting however all sports activities. powerfulsport This installment from the ongoing cv writing suggestion series targets putting your own title to meet your needs. This post suggests you the ante (as well as power) through including a good action driven title which demonstrates the way you will impact the corporation. preferjob Buy reduced, sell higher, it's the credo minimizing gum pain heard prior to, and it seems like a sure method to monetize your investment, right? Nicely, it's tougher than which quote causes it to be sound and you need to work diligently to make sure you visit a great, higher return. preferrealestate A plumber is really a professional who is in charge of repairing as well as installing the actual pipes which are used to transport sewage as well as water. Nearly all plumbers work within the plumbing or air-con industry, however nearly fourteen percent associated with plumbers tend to be self-employed. proinjobs If you've ever thought regarding growing your personal hops, stop thinking and begin now. It is simpler than you believe and in conjunction with the knowledge how the beer you have hand designed contains hops you have grown in your back backyard and you've got a compelling debate to have a go. purchaseshopping College college students are graduation, and Funeral service Day is actually fast nearing, which indicates summer is practically here. Getting prepared for summer time doesn't need to be a unpleasant experience; teach your self healthy habits that you could continue all year long that will help get in to shape and remain in shape. readyforservices Taking care of your getting older parent is actually overwhelming as well as confusing. Lots of people are tossed into these types of situations with no notice or even experience. I thought my dad was well-prepared until I discovered out he or she wasn't. The down sides that appear throughout the parent-child part reversal is harder than anybody can assume. readyparenting QR code is really a versatile tool that's immensely great for real house marketing. Set being an essential area of the real house marketing within close long term, it is sensible to have it now. Stay with me to understand how QR code might help make your own listings market better. realestateeffort What was previously your desire home has become your own nightmare. Through no children to 3 kids, you're running from room as well as your last nerve may be frayed through Jr's hamster that's been out associated with his cage for that past 7 days. realestategeo People tend to be avoiding any kinds of investment because of slump as well as poor security situation within Pakistan. Because of recession, home slump as well as terrorism within Pakistan, rich as well as professional individuals are quickly immigrating in order to advanced interpersonal welfare nations. realestatemassive Even probably the most luxurious as well as expensive homes nowadays are entering on the actual act, as house builders have found that eco-friendly products will be as useful so that as beautiful because their previous counterparts. realestatescheme The very best ways to take advantage of foreclosed houses are to locate them within their pre periods. Unlike those late evening get wealthy quick infomercials wants you when you consider, a property foreclosure home will be the least favorable for you personally. realestatetactic These creepy beasts, inhabiting the Cosmic Zoo, are usually born exactly the same way because normal superstars. However, Brown Dwarfs never choose the critical mass that's necessary in order to ignite their own nuclear-fusing furnaces. reallycoolsports A person haven't completely experienced existence to it's fullest till you've already been a mother or father. It's an event that all of us as people struggle with every day despite getting done this for a large number of years. Authors publish publications, teachers maintain parenting courses, experienced nannies seem on series. realparentinghelp It is really a well-known proven fact that keywords would be the backbone from the Internet. Without having it, you cannot do much on the web, but Together, you may master the various search engines and thus generate visitors for businesses at home, which indicates sales. selectorbusiness Keeping your own pool clean is definitely an essential a part of being the responsible swimming pool owner. When people buy a pool, possess a pool set up, or buy a home having a pool for the very first time, they tend not to realize just how much work as well as effort explores 'keeping this up. wi servicesbasic With many kinds of entire body shops obtainable, it's vital that you know which sort to choose to get the best take care of your automobile. Determine choosing an car body shop whenever your vehicle is looking for auto entire body repair. shoppingaspect

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