Retirement and Young Americans: Something to Think About

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When you're young, one of the last things you think about is retirement. Who wants to think about something that's 40 years down the road? Unfortunately, though, given the $6.6 trillion Retirement Income Deficit and the many inadequacies of today's do-it-yourself system, retirement is something that young people should be thinking about.

Data from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College finds that 56 percent of Generation X households were at risk of not being able to maintain their standard of living in retirement. Additional data from the Congressional Research Service shows that the median 401(k) account balance for workers age 21-35 is only $12,000. That number isn't much better for workers age 35-44 for whom the median 401(k) account balance is a mere $18,000.

Melissa, a senior in college, never thought about retirement until she saw her parents dip into their retirement savings to help make ends meet after her father lost his job. Now, a good retirement plan is high on Melissa's list of things she wants as she searches for jobs. After graduating from college, Noah didn't follow the typical career path of entering corporate America. Instead, he chose to pursue his passion: music. Unfortunately his choice barely pays the bills and, according to Noah, saving for retirement right now just “isn't in the cards.”

These are just two of the many stories that younger Americans have to tell about retirement. What's your story? Read the stories in the Retirement USA Story Bank and give Washington a wake-up call.  


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From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report in Special English. Every year, IBM Corporation chooses five new technologies it believes will change the world within the next five years. The IBM list is called "Five in Five." The company says it considers its own research and the new directions of society and business when identifying the technologies. This year, the list describes some future devices that will extend our five senses. Imagine looking for clothes online and touching your computer or smartphone to feel the cloth. IBM Vice President Bernie Meyerson predicts that technology could be available in the next five years. IBM 5-in-5 "You're talking about almost reinventing the way computers operate and how you interact with them as humans." Touch is just one of the senses that computers will help to extend. IBM says louis vuitton store smart machines will soon be able to listen to the environment and give us information about the sounds they hear. For example, Bernie Meyerson says an advanced speech recognition system will tell new parents why their baby is crying. "From the sound the baby is creating, that particular frequency in the voice of the child, you know the difference between a child for instance who is sick as opposed to a child who is just lonely. That kind of understanding would be great for parents. This kind of thing is not possible today, but with a sophisticated enough system, it actually is possible." Smart machines will also help identify Louis Vuitton Handbags medical conditions. If you sneeze on your computer or cell phone, the machine will study thousands of molecules in your breath. Then it can tell you whether you need to see a doctor. "It can give you an alarm and say; ¡®Hey, you may not feel sick yet, but you have an infection, which you must go see your doctor immediately.'" In the near future, built-in cameras in our personal computers will be able to examine and name colors and recognize images Mr. Meyerson says IBM scientists are also developing a computer system that can examine and combine food molecules to create the most popular flavors and smells. Louis Vuitton Sunglasses A new report says more than 800,000 babies¡¯ lives could be saved every year, if all women began breastfeeding within the first hour of giving birth. Save the Children calls breastfeeding one of the best ways to prevent malnutrition, a major killer of children under age five. Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles says it¡¯s vital to begin breastfeeding soon after a child is born. It¡¯s extremely critical because to get mothers to actually start breastfeeding can sometimes be the hardest part And that first milk from mothers, that contains something called colostrum, is an incredibly nutritious form of breast milk and it actually has a lot of Louis Vuitton Outlet immunity powers, as well. And it really only happens in those first couple of hours,she said. Nurse Koletha teaches Mwajuma how to breastfeed her one-day-old baby boy at the Lindi Regional Hospital, Tanzania. (Credit: Caroline Trutmann / Save the Children ) The report describes colostrum as a child¡¯s first immunization. But in some cultures, such as parts of Niger, there¡¯s a myth that colostrum is dangerous. One of the Louis Vuitton handbags biggest barriers that we found, when we looked at this report, to moms¡¯ breastfeeding, is a lot of these cultural beliefs and one of them is that colostrum is, in fact, bad for babies. So, in a lot of places around the world the mothers actually throw it out And it¡¯s the best thing that you could be giving to your babies. So a lot of this is about behavior change. And those are just old traditions that have been passed down and things that we¡¯re trying to change, obviously, said Miles. Many mothers believe their babies need to eat something besides breast milk. Miles said that water, sugar water and tea are not necessary. Actually babies don¡¯t need any of those things To demonstrate this we asked people to watch their animals. Watch the fact that baby animals don¡¯t drink water. They just drink mother¡¯s milk. It¡¯s just the Louis Vuitton Bags same with human babies. They don¡¯t need anything but breast milk,she said. There¡¯s another reason, she said, to start breastfeeding early. The earlier moms start breastfeeding the more likely they are to continue breastfeeding for the first six months. And that has tremendous health benefits for babies,she said. The head of Save the Children said another obstacle to breastfeeding is a shortage of healthcare workers in developing countries. When I went and had my baby at the hospital I had somebody helping me learn how to breastfeed. It¡¯s not the easiest thing in the world.


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