Wake Up, Washington! There's a Retirement Crisis

Yesterday, SEIU personal care assistant Shareen Miller joined other workers and advocates to launch "Wake Up, Washington!" month, a speak out on retirement security. "There's no way I can keep doing such physically demanding work for another 10 or 20 years," said Miller, who cares for a client with spastic cerebral palsy. "It's scary not knowing how we're going to afford to retire without being a burden to our children."

At the launch of the event, it was revealed that Americans face a $6.6 trillion retirement income deficit. That's the gap between the retirement savings that American households have today and what they should have for a secure retirement. Learn more about "Wake Up, Washington!" Month at Retirement USA.

"Hands Off My Social Security and Medicare!"

On Tuesday, Washington, D.C.-area SEIU members joined seniors and retiree advocates outside of the book launch party for "Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders"to send the attending authors -- U.S. Representatives. Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan- a message: "Hands Off My Social Security and Medicare!" "Young Guns" trumpets Ryan's 'Roadmap' budget plan that would bring back the President Bush-era scheme to privatize Social Security and replace Medicare with a voucher system that shortchanges seniors on medical care.

Watch the video about the "Young Guns" proposal here:

This blog entry was written by the Service Employees International Union and is cross-posted on the SEIU blog.


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Air Nike High Heels Onlinecould be the type these shoes and is designed by the Nike Dunk HeelsCompany within Women Air Jordan Heels. These are the classic shoes that is specially designed for the events and in addition it really is the truly amazing demand in the marketplace. The nike jordan high heels 2011has designed it with special cushioning unit too. To ensure that they usually in use which are of varied types for example the nike air jordans heels devoid of producing holes and nike air max heels. if you've worn this you would then visited know about the top features of nike air force heels. Here are several features which happen to be listed as follows. nike dunks high heels boots: this is basically the best feature which a nike air jordan high heels max shoes are easier. These are attractive for the each gender nike air jordan low heels. They will also be given to the discount rate. The comfortable Nike Air Jordan Spizike Heelsair max shoes have enough different kind can the user gets the Nike Air Force High Heels so they are known as because the discounted Nike Air Max High Heels shoes. Most are easier and causing you more comfort and so you will find many seller buy Cheap Nike Dunks Low Heels in mass of which they even get the wholesale Cheap Nike High Heels Sandals shoes. These comfortable shoes are snug for running too but they even provide your legs the environment as is also specially produced for runners Cheap Nike High Heels 2012. Cushioned: they are very well cushioned in fact it i a bigger factor towards runner to employ the cushioned shoes as a result runner employ this black nike high heels. The purpose of the cushioning of your shoes is because the runner can quite nicely balance the running and in addition he can stop balancing his feet and weight. blue nike high heels helps them to master the running speed also which need. This is the another best feature associated with the cheap pink nike high heels 90 shoes as in cheap rates nonetheless the quality ones. Running on purple nike high heels: for anyone wearing the actual max 90 shoes then you'll definitely feel as if you are usually running on air as well as you'll know it is actually more well-off to your business. Right here is the cool feeling within the a person who wears and relaxes them after they run. They don't allow paining with the toes along with the feet and this also comfort will unquestionably loved by the pack leader toting. The footwear tend to be very not heavy which motivates certainly run faster than one can. red nike high heels sale of the above shoes can also be called lacoste trainer silver nike high heels. Durability: to be the Nike is well known company products associated with the company are very durable. Mid-air max 90 shoes are highly durable there is durability is long-lasting. As a result the most retailers buy this air max shoes on the bulk simply because provide the four fantastic features and then they even obtain the shoes inside most quantity. They can sale them most and the majority from the sale of air max is termed considering that the wholesale air yellow nike high heels.

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The cheap nike air max 2009Dunks Low - Panda is going to be during the cheap nike air max 2010Low family, where its other siblings add some likes for the popular cheap nike air max 2011Dunk Low 6. 0 Abyss Brickhouse, the Nike Dunk Low CL, the Nike Dunk Low Flame GS Edition, to call just a few of this particular rather extensive family. Respect a company confess, though, a all previous cheap nike air max 2012Dunk things that Regarding gotten to use before, it's Nike Dunks Low - cheap nike air max 24-7that I do have gotten most enchanted with. Color-wise, my particular Nike Dunks Low - Panda is set in black or white rendition, with merely other color around the corner in the shoe; which is actually a remarkable fact since the majority of cheap nike air max 360Dunks products may incorporate four or five colors on his or her body and sole. In this particular number of cheap nike air max 87Low - Panda, Nike the particular pristine white sole, entirely around the top region using the sole (which practically in other cheap nike air max 90products are really rendered in a different color from lower region). The top part of the shoe, on one hand, is especially black, with white only to arrive over the cheap nike air max 91tick in addition a small patch from the shoe that runs within top of the shoe's 'tongue' and also the tailgate end inside the shoe. Even an shoe laces over a cheap nike air max 95 Low Panda have already been black. Talking of Shoelaces, what divides the cheap nike air max 96Low - Panda off their low Nike products is usually that they are available in a fairly long 'shoe-lace configuration' (Going you need to make a 18-hole affair), an apparent departure coming from the trend on other cheap nike air max 97 Low products the location where threading mechanism has a tendency to much shorter, with the right coming with only 3 pairs of holes (6 holes in one payemnt). Of course, there's still a selection of leaving some holes unthreaded in the event that's whatever you fancy. Another feature that divides the cheap nike air max classic SIfrom other Nike Dunk Low products (as well as from most Nike Dunk products) is that often it's absence of gradient, this being vastly on the flat shoe on the front to your back. cheap nike air max commandrelative flatness, then, makes the cheap nike air max classic bwDunk Low Panda a fantastic product when you are planning to acquire that 'casual smart' look (like within the 'dress-down' days at the job), which almost every other products of the company's ilk usually tend to lack, qualifying on your 'casual' part of the equation but failing the 'smart' part of it. Associated with pension transfer Nike products of recent times, the Nike tick to the cheap nike air max fitsoleDunk Low - Panda is certainly an extended affair, start from somewhere for that center of the shoe (as is definitely expected), on and on all the way to your back for the shoe, and along the into terminate towards the other end of computer. Inside end, the cheap nike air max griffey Low - cheap nike air max ltd would make an outstanding wear for any action-oriented person, inspired simply because was, (according to cheap nike air max lebron 8 by cheap nike air max lunar 'Kung Fu Panda' movie.

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Dior Sunglasses is so beatiful that i am going to buy 3 pairs for this summer , but i find a online website who are selling Cheap Dior Sunglasses ,that will save a lot of money to buy them. and the online store is selling the Gucci Sunglasses too , many i will buy one for my wife.

The 2009-10 season, ramirez

The 2009-10 season, ramirez became the team's main PeiNa rolls through the season, he surrendered six goals of 4 assists good data, which started to get the attention of the European team. But technology Ray Ban excellent ramirez has become Ray Ban Sunglasses the main object fouled, and the young are often more his opponent anger, and Ray Ban Outlet give people left not enough dispassion impression. In the summer of 2010, many European team began to buy ramirez, including the serie a giants fiorentina, Ray Ban Uk viola hopes to use alternative ramirez seriously injured about vidic. But in the end Ray Ban Glasses the bologna unexpectedly with 5 million euro bought ramirez, bologna not only the number 10 shirt, Ray Ban Sunglasses into the hand of ramirez, and he signed with 5 years, the expression of the teenager's attention.

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Many people like to buy the gucci handbags from the Gucci Outlet USA,if fact they are always located in china. And the Gucci Outlet Handbags are the replicas of gucci,so they can be sold at an incredible price in the Gucci Outlet Store.

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