Erica M.

I never really thought about it until I was looking into getting a job.  And then, with the recent recession, it kind of just makes me nervous because I don’t want to be stuck in that situation where I won’t be able to support myself after I retire. 

As someone that’s going to be graduating from college next year, I definitely think that, when I look for job, I’m going to look for something that definitely has a pension plan or retirement plan, or some type of 401K or something that allows me to put money into a savings account. I don’t think I would take a job that didn’t have something like that, just because I don’t just want to think about now, I want to think about my future, and I don’t want to end up in a situation that a lot of people are in now, where they don’t have a retirement account. 

I know more about it through my grandparents.  It has come in handy for them. Otherwise, I haven’t heard my dad speak much about it.  I don’t really know how it works in the corporate world or how pension plans work in other types of settings, like a union or a government-paid job, which my grandparents had.