Marilyn Higgins

Retired NY Telephone
As a senior and a retiree of New York Telephone Company, my husband, when he retired, he had full coverage and it never was supposed to be touched as a retiree.  And about seven or eight years ago, we found ourselves in with a Medicare Advantage Plan, which is not accepted by many doctors, and we are paying a sum.  And presently, now they’ve moved us out of that particular program and they have us in another program – a supplemental program.

And as a senior, I feel your money in the bank is just dwindling, and I’m one of many.  At least I have something, but I know there’s a lot of retirees out there that don’t have what I have.  And that little income that we have in the bank is only going to last so long, and I would like to see it fully guaranteed now -- that they’re never going to touch it again, that we’re ready to keep what we have at least now.