Diane Davis

Sewaren, NJ

I worked at The Hospital Center at Orange as a registered nurse from 1977 till 1998. Those were the best years of my nursing career. I left in 1998 only because of the financial difficulties that the hospital was experiencing.

During those difficult times we all endured and accepted no pay raises and frozen pensions in hopes that our hospital would recover from those financial difficulties. Unfortunately it did not so in 1998 our hospital was taken over by Cathedral Healthcare System. Then the unthinkable happened. Our pension lost its PBGC protection and became a “church plan”. We have been told that in 3 years from now the funds will be gone. We can not accept and endure this!

We all worked very hard and gave 100% to our patients and the hospital. Is our reward for all the years of service loss earnings that had been promised to us? The IRS needs to make this right and reverse this unfair and unthinkable ruling.

This injustice was unknowingly bestowed upon a group of people who worked hard and long for a secure future.