Harry Chapman

Trenton, NJ

My name is Harry Chapman, I retired from Verizon communications in March of 2008 after 36.25 years of service. I took my pension as a lump sum payment, and have it invested mostly in a guaranteed annuity. I am currently receiving a monthly buy out check from Verizon until March 2012. This check is a little less then what Social Security pays.My concern is the solvency of Social Security, as it was figured into what I need to get by on during my retirement years. I am also concerned about health care benefits that I earned during my working years. I gave up pay raises in order to keep them, and now the big corporations are using them as political bargaining chips. I did everything by the book, I was never late on any payments. I have pulled my own weight and I am not looking for any handouts, I just want what I have paid into and have earned.