Ward B. C.

Winter Haven, FL

I started to work for C&P Telephone Co on Feb 28, 1942, at 45 cents an hour, and retired from that company on Dec 30, 1983, as a Foreman-Supervisor, with an adequate pension and medical benefits. I received one pension increase in 1985, and no more increases to date. However, my health care benefits were paid for, even though the cost to the company increased year by year, so not getting a pension increase was at least acceptable. The first of January, 1984, C&P became Bell Atlantic, and I received a letter from its president, that they planned to continue my pension and health benefits.Then, when Verizon took over at a later date, I received a letter from it's president telling me that they planned to continue paying me my pension and health benefits, for which I was very pleased.Now, I have heard that Verizon and other large corporations will be able to pay the Government a penalty and cancel all of my health benefits.Where is my increase in pension to support this?Although I have not been informed that this will happen, a straight business decision would indicate the company would benefit very greatly.  If this were to occur, replacing those health benefits will almost be impossible on my present income!  It would probably force me and my wife to declare bankruptcy, or try to get by without proper insurance.We have both been very dependent on our health care because of various very serious problems which will be with us until we die.