Retirement USA is a national initiative that is working for a new retirement system that, along with Social Security, will provide universal, secure, and adequate income for future retirees. The initiative has developed 12 Principles for a New Retirement System, which provides a framework for a future system in which employers, workers, and the government would share responsibility for the retirement security for all American workers.

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Did You Know?

67 is the Social Security “Normal Retirement Age” for workers born 1960 and later.

Social Security’s normal retirement age (NRA)—the age at which a worker can receive Social Security benefits that are not reduced for early retirement—is scheduled to gradually increase from 65 for workers born before 1938, to 67 for workers born 1960 and later. This is the same as a 13 percent cut in benefits for workers retiring at 65, since this does not necessarily change when workers retire (in fact, most retire before age 65).

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