Kenneth Swaner

East Patchogue, NY

I retired from NYNEX in 1995.  Since that time I have not received any increase in the pension – that’s 15 years.  However, in no way did NYNEX tell me that I would receive periodic increases.  The pension is what it is and it will stay that way - forever.  So I had to make a decision some 15 years ago that would affect the rest of my life.  I made that decision with the knowledge that I would always be receiving that level of retirement income and never dreamed that NYNEX or Congress would in some way jeopardize my pension.  As time has passed it gets, and will get, harder and harder to live on a fixed income with nowhere to turn for additional income.  With that in mind, it frightens me to think that either NYNEX or Congress would take some action that would reduce or eliminate my pension.  During my working career I accepted raises and benefits based upon the notion that I would have this pension – until death do us part.  Now as I indicated it worries me tremendously that someone would tinker with it. Additionally, I made the same decisions during my career as they pertained to health benefits.  Now, when I need them the most it would be unthinkable for either NYNEX or Congress to again start tinkering with them – and as a result, cause me to lose some level of benefits.  That is simply not acceptable and I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the company or politician(s) leave them as they are. Sincerely,Kenneth Swaner