Retirement Income Deficit

The Other Deficit

$6.6 trillion. No, that’s not the national debt, it’s America’s Retirement Income Deficit Read more »

Social Security’s a Vital Lifeline for Older Women

The Alan Simpsons and John Boehners of the world talk about raising the retirement age and cutting Social Security benefits for “Read more »

Senator Tom Harkin delivers floor statement in support of Retirement USA

Mr. HARKIN. Madam President, I rise today to speak out in support of Retirement  USA’s ‘‘Wake Up, Washington!’’ Month Read more »

Poverty among the Elderly Is a Women’s Issue

NWLC’s analysis of Census Bureau data released last week shows that older women are at much higher risk of poverty than older men.  Read more »

Women and the Retirement Income Deficit

Women tend to earn less, live longer, and spend more time outside of the workforce than men.  Read more »

It's Economic Security, Stupid

In 1992 Democratic strategist James Carville summed up the presidential race between Bill Clinton and George Herbert Walker in four now very famous words: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Read more »

Statement on "Wake Up, Washington!" Month by Susan Scanlan, Chair of the National Council of Women's Organizations

I speak for the 12 million American women who are part of the nonpartisan National Council of Women’s Organizations.   Read more »

Senator Herb Kohl delivers floor statement on Retirement Security

Mr. President, I rise today as chairman of the Special Committee on Aging to talk about retirement security in America.  Read more »

Wake Up, Washington! There's a Retirement Crisis

Yesterday, SEIU personal care assistant Shareen Miller joined other workers and advocates to launch "Wake Up, Washington!" month, a speak out on retirement security. Read more »

The Deficit No One is Talking About (NCPSSM blog entry)

Washington’s deficit hawks and Wall Street billionaires have invested an enormous amount of time and resources to convince the American pub Read more »

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