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The Retirement Income Deficit

The $6.6 trillion Retirement Income Deficit is the gap between the pensions and retirement savings that American households ages 32-64 have today and what they should have today to maintain their living standards in retirement. Learn more.

Issue Papers

The Pension Rights Center has prepared five papers for Retirement USA on issues that will need to be addressed in developing proposals that meet the Retirement USA principles. The papers address the topics of:


The Conference Report: Toward a Universal, Secure, and Adequate Retirement System

At its Re-Envisioning Retirement Security conference on Wednesday, October 21, 2009, Retirement USA released a Conference Report, which details the need for a universal, secure, and adequate retirement system that supplements Social Security for future retirees.

Read the full text of the Conference Report [PDF].

The Working Paper

At a press conference on Tuesday, March 10, 2009, Retirement USA released a Working Paper that details shortcomings of the nation's current retirement system, outlines the principles upon which any new system should be based, and examines alternative retirement schemes in other countries.  This paper is a work in progress and will be released in final form at an event in the fall of 2009.

Read the full text of the Working Paper [PDF].

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