Carol G.

Silver Spring, MD

Like anyone else when I first started working, I was young…. I was living paycheck to paycheck, I didn’t even think about retirement.  I needed all my money just to live and to eat.  And when I started thinking about retirement, by then it was still hard to save living in the nation’s capital making a descent salary.  I was considered middle class, maybe upper middle class.  But between what you have to pay for living expenses….it is an expensive city.   I don’t have enough.  That is my big fear is being able to save enough. 

I have heard all kinds of reports of what you have to save to live comfortably.  I simply cannot save that kind of money, because there is always something coming up….. Emergencies, healthcare has gone up….So it’s really hard.  As I am getting closer and closer to retirement, I think about it all the time:  “What am I going to do?” And I have no answer.