Constance Canby Morton

Westmoreland County, VA

I can't stress enough how important Social Security is to me and my family.  I spent a lifetime of work at jobs that did not provide any retirement benefits. I have worked all my life but mostly at jobs that allowed me to take care of my family. I have two grown sons and I am grandmother.  I wish I had earned a pension or a 401(k) but I never had that opportunity.  I never really understood the need for the large amounts that are needed for retirement.

For instance, one of my longest jobs was working at a health food store for 16 years.  They definitely did not offer a pension plan.

My husband is a builder who has worked for a brick and block company for 32 years.  They do not have a pension plan either. Most of his money went into our health issues. And our children. Both my husband and I have had health issues which have also eaten into most of our savings.

Thanks to Social Security we’re able to keep our heads above water.  But we’re still struggling since it isn’t enough.  We really need more.