Alana Rose

Arlington, VA

I have a degree in Economics and I was in investment management doing the typical DC thing that most people do.  Then in 2007, I just that who I am what I need to be doing was not matching up with my daily life so I left to figure out where I belong and what contributions that I am supposed to be making.  And So I did all the training and education and started my own business and here we are! 

I had a retirement plan, I had a 401(k) when I was working for the investment management company, but I used all of that up, so now my business is profitable enough to keep me afloat, but not profitable enough or so it would seem to save for retirement.

I am not going to do the same thing my grandparents did.  I am not going to work in a job for years and years and years and I am not going to get a pension.  The risk has been shifted to individuals and families.  Retirement is almost dead last in my financial priorities.