Karen O'Quinn

Largo, MD

I worked for corporate America for many years. And being laid off, I had to recreate myself. I went back to school to be a cosmetologist.  Then in 2008, my business took a huge hit.  I lost my house.  I lost everything.  And I don’t have a 401(k).  And I am kind of at the edge of being 50 and 15 years from so called retirement, but it looks like I will have to work til the very end whatever that is. And I am going to have to stay healthy to do that.  I like millions of people in this country, have worked all my life, and I have worked very hard, and I have no retirement savings at all.  None.  With all my priorities raising daughters who are definitely going to college I do not know that I have any opportunity to save for retirement. I think that there should be a universal system that would be helpful for everyone in this country, because everyone deserves to have a decent life at the end of their retirement.