Jeanne Majors

Brooklyn, NY

On May 4th of this year I was able to leave the NYC Shelter system for a room at the YWCA in downtown Brooklyn. How did this occur? Well, I started collecting early Social Security retirement benefits in March of this year and I was able to move in. Prior to this, I was in the shelter system from August 2010 because my retirement income wasn't enough to get affordable housing in NYC without a job (full time or part time). My savings were exhausted due to bills, transportation and helping a disabled younger sister (who is 45) with some incidentals.

If the Republicans look to take monies from Social Security to offset the deficit, then I can no longer afford to live at the YWCA and would have to go back to depending upon tax-supported dollars for shelter living. At 62, (single, and African American) this would be detrimental to my health and everything that I worked for. I retired with the thought that some employment for seniors would be available until I could collect my Social Security retirement benefits. Then I would be able to live somewhat comfortably.

I don't think our Congressional Representatives have any idea what it is to live on a fixed income, let alone skip meals or do without medications. They should try it sometime!!!!