Social Security is not the problem

Recently, policymakers in Washington have discussed cuts to Social Security as a way to reduce the nation’s debt. The fact is that any cuts to Social Security will not solve the nation’s retirement income crisis, but instead will intensify nation’s retirement income problem. Any cuts to Social Security will push a countless number of Americans further into poverty. The nation’s Retirement Income Deficit of $6.6 trillion is the real problem.

The nation’s Retirement Income Deficit – the difference between what Americans have set aside for retirement (including pensions and other forms of retirement savings) and what they actually need – only highlights the fact that the millions of Americans who rely on Social Security in retirement would be left reeling if cuts were made to this essential program.

Social Security is one of the nation’s most successful programs. By lifting millions of Americas out of poverty, it provides a lifeline to those who need it the most.  The program has provided a steady and reliable source of income to all Americans, including retirees, people with disabilities, families of September 11th victims, among many others. In addition, Social Security represents a significant source of income for women and communities of color.

The facts show that too many Americans are already struggling to make ends meet. Any cuts to Social Security would only add to the nation’s Retirement Income Deficit by compounding the problem – leaving many millions more of Americans without hope of an adequate and secure retirement.

Social Security just isn’t the problem.

Check out the following series of blog entries on how Social Security works for America,  women, people of color, people with disabilities, veterans,  children, and families. To learn more about the challenges facing Social Security and to get involved, visit the following websites:

Strengthen Social Security

Social Security Matters

Social Security Works


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And for their fans, too, who must reconcile the desire to keep watching their heroes with the realization that the old guy is a dim facsimile of what made him a hero in the first place. griffeys 2012 Rarely, of course, is the dilemma framed quite as starkly as it was with Griffey this past week. Already flailing at the plate, Griffey was rocked by the published revelation that he had been sleeping during a recent game. The image almost instantaneously replaced Willie Mays stumbling in the outfield during the 1973 World Series as the new meme for an athlete hanging on beyond his time. Griffeys Shoes And now everyone waits and wonders what Griffey will do next: Stick it out, or hang it up? Each option has its virtues and its drawbacks. griffey shoes If Griffey keeps playing, fans get to continue absorbing the joy of Griffey's aura at the ballpark, which for many is enough. Any contribution at the plate is just a bonus. But there's also the pain of watching an athlete whose calling card was his exuberant yet effortless grace, when those qualities have been all but stifled by the ravages of time. ken griffey shoes If he quits, Griffey can leave before the sweet memories of his prime become more obscured by the current struggles. Yet the downside to that scenario is obvious: Once he walks away, there is no coming back. ken griffey jr shoes Aging boxers may keep un-retiring, as does the occasional athlete in other sports (Michael Jordan and Brett Favre jump to mind)."adidas Predator Lethal Zones TRX FG Adidas Soccer has unveiled the 12th version of one of the world’s most iconic soccer cleats, the Predator Lethal Zones. The new boots feature five lethal zones, each of which helps provide ultimate ball control. scarpe da calcio nike The five lethal zones include First Touch, Dribble, Sweet Spot, Drive and Pass. 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