Social Security is not the problem

Recently, policymakers in Washington have discussed cuts to Social Security as a way to reduce the nation’s debt. The fact is that any cuts to Social Security will not solve the nation’s retirement income crisis, but instead will intensify nation’s retirement income problem. Any cuts to Social Security will push a countless number of Americans further into poverty. The nation’s Retirement Income Deficit of $6.6 trillion is the real problem.

The nation’s Retirement Income Deficit – the difference between what Americans have set aside for retirement (including pensions and other forms of retirement savings) and what they actually need – only highlights the fact that the millions of Americans who rely on Social Security in retirement would be left reeling if cuts were made to this essential program.

Social Security is one of the nation’s most successful programs. By lifting millions of Americas out of poverty, it provides a lifeline to those who need it the most.  The program has provided a steady and reliable source of income to all Americans, including retirees, people with disabilities, families of September 11th victims, among many others. In addition, Social Security represents a significant source of income for women and communities of color.

The facts show that too many Americans are already struggling to make ends meet. Any cuts to Social Security would only add to the nation’s Retirement Income Deficit by compounding the problem – leaving many millions more of Americans without hope of an adequate and secure retirement.

Social Security just isn’t the problem.

Check out the following series of blog entries on how Social Security works for America,  women, people of color, people with disabilities, veterans,  children, and families. To learn more about the challenges facing Social Security and to get involved, visit the following websites:

Strengthen Social Security

Social Security Matters

Social Security Works


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ordan lorsque michael jordan intégra le monde de la nba en 1984, ce ne fut pas seulement le début d'une carrière sans égal, mais aussi le début de la série célèbre « Air Jordan » de nike. le fabricant d'articles de sport accorda toute une série de chaussures et d'habits au basketteur doté apparemment de talents surhumains. cette série fit tout de suite sensation : l' Air Jordan 1 fut interdite par la nba puisque la combinaison des coloris noir/rouge ne correspondit pas au « code vestimentaire » de la nba à l'époque. pourtant, cela ne put empêcher le succès mondial de cette sneaker unique. au contraire : la chaussure de basket déclencha une véritable hystérie et est, dès lors, lancée dans une nouvelle édition chaque année. jordan - plus qu'une simple chaussure de basket les spots publicitaires de jordan sont aussi innovateurs que les produits eux-mêmes. au cours des années 80, avec spike lee alias mars blackmon, ils conquirent les écrans de la télé. aujourd'hui, les spots pour les différents modèles d'air jordan sont toujours de vrais classiques sur youtube. de nos jours, le jumpman ne se porte pas seulement sur les chaussures : Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5, Air Jordan 10. ils se distinguent par le design typique de la marque et convainquent par une excellente qualité et des matières haut de gamme. en 1997, nike externalisa même la série de jordan : aujourd'hui, la marque de jordan développe ses propres produits, mais coopère néanmoins étroitement avec nike. des joueurs comme carmelo anthony ou dwyane wade portent le jumpman dans la nba. ainsi, michael jordan reste présent dans la meilleure ligue de basket-ball du monde. Obtenez les dernières Air Jordan 2012 Chaussures avec style avant-gardiste et la technologie.

glasses, wallet, cosmetics and other essentials at hand, but a fashion-forward accessory to Michael Kors Watches complete and compliment the wearer's every ensemble.    While most women say they have three or four purses they use regularly, they may have a dozen or more at home, waiting at the ready to be called into service for a special occasion or as a perfect compliment to a new outfit.   In addition to a wide array of colors, fabrics, and textures, handbags are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your every mood. Listed below are several types of handbag styles. These are general terms to describe basic styles; some bags may fit multiple categories or none at all.Clutch a small bag, generally not mauch larger than a large wallet that his held in the hand. Clutches have grown in popularity of late Michael Kors Handbags with fashionable styles from Chinese Laundry and Kenneth Cole as well as major designers like Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, D&G and others.   Wristlet a small strap that slips over the wrist, usually removable, is attached to a clutch or evening bag. Check out great styles from Coach   Evening Bag a small bag for more formal occasions, often made of satin or beaded fabrics. May be in clutch or wristlet style   Hobo typically a large, slouchy, crescent-shaped bag with a shoulder strap. These are generally made of soft materials that slump when set down, though some designers have made bags in the hobo shape out of stiffer materials in a wide array of sizes. Among the designers with great hobos are Cole Haan, Dooney & Bourke, and Michael Kors.   Tote a large, generally square shaped bag with two shoulder straps. Smaller versions of this are sometimes called a Shopper. If you want a chic way to carry all your essentials, check out styles by Michael Kors iPhone Cases Prada, Christian Dior, and Fendi   Satchel is a bag generally larger in size with handles Michael Kors Wallets to be held or on the arm rather than over the shoulder. Check out designer styles by Nancy Gonzales

The conflicts of Microsoft

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