Towards A 21st Century Retirement System

Poll after poll suggests that working Americans are deeply concerned about their future retirement income, and a recent analysis conducted by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College suggests that those fears are well founded. The retirement income deficit–the difference between what Americans (ages 32-64) have set aside for retirement and what they should have set aside at this time in their lives—is a staggering $6.6 trillion.  On average, that works out to a retirement deficit of about $90,000 per American household.

The flip side of the retirement income deficit is that retirement savings has not been generating the kind of aggregate national savings that we need to finance capital expansion and economic growth.  For the moment, that’s not a problem: economists are more concerned about expanding spending than savings. But in the long term, countries need high rates of saving to maintain prosperity, and the U.S. is no exception.

Meanwhile, our current patchwork system of retirement plans is falling apart at the seams. Pension coverage has been declining for decades and the “do-it-yourself” approach embodied in many 401(k) plans is a demonstrated failure. Too many workers are withdrawing money from their already depressed 401(k) balances to cover the cost of college education and other household needs, while high administrative costs and poor investment decisions are eroding the returns of those have tried diligently to save for retirement.

So where do we begin in designing a 21st century retirement system for American workers?  We should start with three overarching goals–universal coverage, adequacy, and security—and recognize that we have a long ways to go.

Presently, only about half of the private workforce is enrolled in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, and only one out of five have a traditional pension.

Even before the Great Recession, it was evident that our excessive reliance on individual retirement accounts was not working.  In 2007, just half of all families had an IRA or a 401(k)-type retirement plan and the median level of savings was just $45,000.  It’s no wonder that half of American households are headed towards an inadequately funded retirement.

Other countries, however, have faced similar challenges.  In Australia a national “superannuation” program was introduced in 1992 by the Labor government.  Employers were required to contribute 3 percent of payroll.  At the outset, the plan was strongly opposed by small businesses, but ten years later, employers were contributing 9 percent, and the program was a widely applauded success. By 2006 Australian workers had more money invested in managed funds per capita than workers in any other country. The impact on the economy?  Between 1994 and 2004, Australia’s per capita GDP increased by an impressive 2.5 percent a year, significantly faster than 1.7 percent pace recorded between 1984 and 1994.

In the Netherlands, employers have developed a popular new “collective defined contribution plan,” a hybrid of the traditional pension plan and defined contribution plans. Designed to minimize the risks borne by businesses, the employer has a fixed contribution and no additional obligations if the plan should be come underfunded. Employees receive an annual notice outlining what benefits they have accrued and what benefits they will receive if they continue working to age 65.

Neither of these approaches is perfect.  The Australian superannuation system does not pay an annuitized benefit; it pays a lump sum.  As a result, some retirees outlive their benefits.  The Netherlands approach, on the other hand, does not guarantee benefits; when the stock market declines, benefits can be reduced.  Both, however, have boosted national savings and increased retirement security.  Both countries opted for a better approach to retirement security, and so should we.

In designing a system for the United States, we should begin by recognizing the need for shared responsibility.  Employers, employees and government should all have a role.  Retirement USA, a coalition of organizations representing workers and retirees, has rallied around that approach.  The group argues, and rightly so, that employers and employees should both contribute, and that government should subsidize the contributions of lower-income workers.  They propose that contributions be pooled and professionally managed to ensure greater adequacy and security for the workers who need it most.  They also recommend that benefits should be portable and the whole system professionally managed.  These are principles worth building upon.

More than anything, what we need today is bold thinking.  Seventy-five years ago, in the midst of the Great Depression, we created a Social Security system that has evolved into the most successful anti-poverty program ever devised.  Today, we have an opportunity to create a whole new approach to retirement security, one that will serve the interests of both workers and the economy.  The polls suggest that voters are eager and ready for such a new direction; what’s lacking is the political vision and leadership.

This blog entry was written by Robert Walker who formerly served as Legislative Counsel for AARP and presently is a consultant to the Pension Rights Center.  This blog entry is cross-posted on



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According to investigators, the passenger, who never left the car, had been shot in the head by the second suspect. jordan heels The passenger, who was trying to get behind the wheel of the car to escape, drove away wounded, but ended up crashing between two houses and a gas line. He was taken to Houston Northwest Hospital with life threatening injuries and later died. The driver was not hurt. jordan high heels Last week, Harris County teen Juan Reyna was also gunned down over the Air Jordans. A suspect has been arrested in the shooting. nike jordan high heels The night before the shooting, shoppers all over the country lined up for the release of the Nike Air Jordan, 11 Bred shoes priced at $185. In some areas of the country, shoppers have rioted over the shoes. cheap jordan heels The only description investigators have at this time is two black male suspects driving a four-door green car. Anyone with information as to their whereabouts should call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.Air Jordan XI "Bred" Retro [PHOTOS] The sneaker game is getting stressful. The latest holy grail to get another Retro treatment is the Air Jordan XI in the black and varsity red aka "Bred" colorway. Getting your hands on a pair, or two, of your own will require equal parts skill, savvy, a nice hook up and some good ol' faith. cheap jordan high heels In case you're new to the sneaker cause, the Air Jordan XI features a black upper with the easily recognizable patent leather and mesh combo. The midsole is white and the outsole is a translucent red. Michael Jordan rocked these while winning another championship in the '95/96 season. Jordan High Heels For Girls As more hypebeasts continue to sprout, these will probably be harder to get than last year's Concord release. However, with all the hoops you gotta jump through to reserve a pair (Foot Locker gave away tickets this past Sunday in select stores to reserve a pair to dead camp out shenanigans), and better security, there should be less tomfoolery. At least we hope so. The Air Jordan XI officially hits retailers on December 21st for a none too cheap $185. Check out photos of Air Jordan XI "Bred" in the gallery. You copping a pair? Russell Westbrook Unveils Air Jordan XX8 'Christmas' Colorway While NBA teams rocked special edition Adidas uniforms on Christmas Day, some players rocked unique sneaker colorways as well. Among the highlights were Russell Westbrook's "Christmas" Air Jordan XX8's. nike heels The alternative colorway for the AJXX8 featured an articulated print that mirrored the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Christmas Day uniforms. The superstar guard rocked the shoes with the shroud flapped down in the first half, before zipping them all the way up in the second half. nike heels for women The Air Jordan XX8 is Jordan Brand's lightest ever, featuring the Jordan Flight Plate, a Pebax moderator plate that maximizes the responsiveness of the Nike Zoom units through compression and deflection for optimal performance by essentially unlocking the airbags in the forefoot and heel. nike high heels The Air Jordan XX8 will be available in Houston only on February 15, 2013; and then, nationwide on Saturday, February 16, for $250.The Air Jordan 1 Retro ’97 TXT “Gym Red” Is The Perfect Way To Ring In The New Year Haaaaaaappy new year! It’s finally 2013 and, if you’re a sneakerhead, there are a ton of reasons for you to be happy right now. This year, there are a number of different Nike, cheap jordan heels 2013, Reebok, and Adidas sneakers for you to look forward to. jordan heels But, before we start looking ahead, we thought we’d take one final look back at 2012 and put you on to the last sneaker that the Jordan Brand dropped in 2012. jordan high heels After putting out several really popular retro sneakers in 2012, they hit us with one more heater before the ball dropped yesterday when they released the Air Jordan 1 Retro ’97 TXT “Gym Red” sneaker. And, it’s a must-have for anyone who loves the AJ1. jordan heels for women As you can see, the AJ1 Retro ’97 TXT “Gym Red” is an all-red sneaker. It’s also comprised mostly of leather and includes a hologram “Air Jordan” logo on the upper. It features black laces, a black and red sole, and Jordan branding on the heel and tongue. jordan heels for sale If you’re looking to make a statement with your sneakers, then the AJ1 Retro ’97 TXT “Gym Red” sneaker is definitely the way to go. jordan heels 2012 Officially, the AJ1 Retro ’97 TXT “Gym Red” sneaker was released yesterday at select Nike retailers. But, if you’re lucky, you can probably still scoop up a pair of these to help you ring in the new year. cheap jordan heels If nothing else, they’ll help you put a nice bow on your sneaker spending for 2012 and get you warmed up and ready to go in 2013. jordan heels 2013 With all of the sneakers that are going to be dropping this year, you’re going to need a primer like the nike jordan high heels ’97 TXT “Gym Red” to help you transition from 2012 to 2013. Jordan High Heels for Sale So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab a pair of these for $130 now and bring the new year in right.Nike Free Trainer 3.0 fuses minimalism with stability For more than 20 years, Nike has paved the way in training with products designed for elite athletic performance. In January 2013, the Nike Free will debut as the brand’s most advanced training shoe, fusing minimalism with stability and comfort. The original Nike Free Australia in 1987, introducing Nike Air technology for responsive heel cushioning and a forefoot strap for a lockdown fit. Debuting on Bo Jackson, a phenom athlete who combined strength, speed and off-the-charts athleticism, the Nike Air Trainer 1 was designed to the exact specifications of multi-sport athletes. Versatility was key. Today, Nike Free Runs has evolved into a sophisticated blend of advanced footwear and apparel technologies for athletes worldwide to compete at their peak. The focus: zero distractions, lightweight, breathable, and working in harmony with the natural motion of the body. With fabrications, innovations, and athlete insight, Nike’s training footwear has transformed for the future. The Nike Frees for Sale is designed for elite athletes at the forefront of multi-sport training. Weighing in at 9 ounces (men’s size 9), the shoe features a Dynamic Fit system that cradles the midfoot, conforming to each athlete’s foot while providing superior lockdown during training. “With advanced materials and articulated design, we’re able to dramatically reduce the weight and increase the flexibility of the Nike Free Run without compromising strength,” said Laura Parrett, Nike Training footwear designer. The Nike Free Run Shoes blends innovative materials in the upper with the flexibility and benefits of Nike Free for increased natural motion. The mesh upper is designed with enforced polyurethane support, in the form of strand-like lines that increase and decrease with size over the shoe creating a pattern that is extremely supportive yet keeps the shoe flexible, lightweight, and breathable. The material protects against abrasion yet retains its pliability, providing a second skin-like feel as it moves with the natural biomechanics of the foot. The midsole is another tangible example of Nike’s progression in training footwear. The Phylon midsole provides lightweight, responsive cushioning. This shoe is a 3.0 on the Cheap Nike Free, which means it offers great multidirectional flexibility and a low-to-the-ground fit and feel for a barefoot-like training experience. The training athlete’s demands were chronicled in a recent documentary on Bo Jackson, the forefather of Nike Training. Cheap Nike Free Run will always design and engineer product with the athlete’s needs paramount. With the evolution in training methods, drills and skills, Nike has evolved its footwear benefits. The Cheap Nike Free Run Shoes will be available globally in multiple colors beginning January 1, 2013.TaylorMade & adidas to Launch New Golf Gear This Year TaylorMade and adidas have unveiled their new golf gear, which will be available for purchase later this year. (Stay up-to-date with the latest from the adidas brand.) Included in the 2013 lineup is an upgraded version of the RBZ Fairway, a new golf ball, two new adjustable drivers and the new adizero golf shoe. adidas jeremy scott The updated RBZ Stage II Fairway Wood has a thinner face and faster flexing ability, which allows it to generate greater ball speed and distance. The product's engineers estimate that golfers will be able to drive the ball ten yards farther with the club. Meanwhile, the two new drivers—R1 and RBZ Stage II—focus on adjustability. Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings The R1 is a follow-up to the popular R11S and includes 12 loft options and seven face angle settings. The Stage II is not only more aerodynamic than its predecessor, it also features a larger clubface in order to generate more yardage. Cheap jeremy scott shoes (Take your game to the next level with STACK's Golf Guide.) Adidas JS Wings TaylorMade's new golf ball, dubbed "Lethal," features a 322-dimple pattern to improve performance and consistency on those windy days. Cheap adidas jeremy scott It is a follow-up to the Penta and uses the same 5-layer concept. "Lethal" has already made its debut on the green, as Justin Rose has used it in several victories, including the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final. jeremy scott adidas Rounding out the collection is the adizero golf shoe. Partially based on Lionel Messi's soccer boot, the shoe comes in at 10.6 ounces, making it the lightest golf shoe ever. PGA Tour Champion Sergio Garcia commended it for helping him "stay light" on his feet while remaining comfortable. The shoe is available in three colorways.adidas & MLS Announce World’s First Smart Soccer League Major League Soccer and adidas have announced that MLS will integrate the adidas miCoach Elite System league-wide in 2013, marking the world’s first soccer league. The announcement precedes the 2012 MLS All-Star Game, which is set to be the world’s first “smart game” integrating the system. jeremy scott shoes Next season, each MLS club will use adidas’ data-tracking technology to provide coaches, trainers and players with real-time performance metrics. jeremy scott shoes wings By measuring on-field performance, league officials are hopeful that teams will have a better understanding of the physical and physiological impact of the game. jeremy scott adidas 2013 In-depth analysis will possible prevent overtraining and risk of injury, allowing players to maintain optimum levels of performance throughout the season. Adidas JS Wings UK “We are proud to partner with our long-term partner Major League Soccer to debut our latest innovation the micoach Elite System at the MLS All-Star Game and then across the league in 2013,” said adidas Group CEO Herbert Hainer. “As the paths of sports and technology continue to converge, we are pleased to be pioneering in this area and continue to deliver cutting-edge innovations to teams and leagues worldwide.” jeremy scott The miCoach Elite System includes a small data cell that fits into a player’s base layer in a protective pocket on the back between the shoulder blades. A series of electrodes and sensors woven into the fabric of the base layer connect to the cell, which will wirelessly transmit more than 200 data records per second from each player to a central computer. Information will also be displayed on a series of simplified insights and results on the coach’s iPad. Jeremy Scott Wings “Our long-standing partnership with adidas and our combined goal to bring innovative and game-changing experiences to the sport of soccer are key reasons behind the success of Major League Soccer,” said MLS Commissioner Don Garber. “Working with adidas, we are bringing players, coaches and fans across the league a revolutionary technology to help teams perform at the highest level.” Adidas x jeremy scott In the future, MLS fans will be able to experience greater insight from the field of play as live, on-field player data will become an integral part of the game experience, whether watching from home or within the stadium. Cheap Adidas JS wings The micoach Elite System is part of the family of micoach electronic training devices, services and technologies that capture, analyze and evaluate personal performance to help athletes get better for their sport.Doggone! Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise leave their new pet pooch at home as they head out for a snack She was only spotted with her new pet pooch yesterday for the first time. And while you would think that Suri Cruise would be inseparable from her curly haired companion, the youngster stepped out without the canine today. isabel marant sneakers The six-year-old and her mother Katie Holmes went out for a snack in the Big Apple, leaving the dog at home. Suri was bright and colourful for the outing, wearing a floral pink dress teamed with matching flip-flops. isabel marant uk She also sported a patterned plaster on her right arm, where it appears that she has suffered from some kind of tiny abrasion. Meanwhile, her mother Katie was dressed for the summery conditions in a billowing short dress paired with her favourite Isabel Marant boots. isabel maran The actress has worn the tan ankle boots dozens of times, and they are starting to get some major wear and tear. Both mother and daughter wore their identically-styled hair in a low ponytail. isabel marant boots Besides obviously her father Tom Cruise, who is currently holidaying in Croatia, Suri was missing one family member during her outing - her new doggie. isabel marant shoes The pair were seen for the first time with the curly ball of canine fur yesterday, during one of their regular outings at the Chelsea Piers. isabel maran sneaker The sighting came just weeks after Katie was seen telling Suri she couldn't have a puppy, resulting in the obligatory tears. isabel marant sales At the time, Katie was urged by animal groups to think about getting a rescue dog... and it seems that she may have heeded this as their new pup looks older. isabel marant dicker boots Suri burst into floods of tears after her actress mother refused to buy her the adorable pet puppy she wanted. The mother-daughter duo were seen looking at different pet pooches in Citipup pet store in New York. isabel marant bottes Suri appeared to fall in love with a little white and black Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese mix pup but was left inconsolable when Katie put her foot down. The little girl was seen performing all the classic children's tactics to try and get her own way. cheap isabel marant First she stuck out her bottom lip, pulled her face into a frown, while gazing up at the dog in question. Next she tried to ignore her mother who held out her hand keeping her eyes firmly fixed on the floor. isabel marant boots 2012 When this didn't work she stormed out of the shop before bursting into tears in the car on the way home. Animal rights campaigners urged Katie to adopt a dog instead of buying one from a pet store - should she want to get a dog for Suri. isabel marant boots 2013 Devera Lynn of North Shore Animal League America told Radaronline: 'Unfortunately most pet stores are provided their dogs from commercial breeding organizations otherwise known as puppy mills.' cheap isabel marant boots Adding: 'We would love to show Katie the animals we have if she is ready to adopt.'Finger of blame in Wak firing pointed right at Junior "Three years ago when Ken Griffey Jr. returned to Safeco Field with the Cincinnati Reds, I listened to the pre-game ceremony on the radio and damn near teared up. The lengthy standing ovation was well-deserved for the man who helped save baseball in Seattle. Griffeys I loved the guy, but I'm not a Junior fan anymore. In the Go 2 Guy's estimation, Griffey is the biggest reason why Don Wakamatsu was fired as the Mariners manager on Monday. griffeys 2012 To recap some of the dysfunctional developments, Junior struggled and slept in the clubhouse and was ultimately benched and got upset because he thought that Wakamatsu planted the whole Sleep-gate story with Larry LaRue, which is completely preposterous. And then he got even madder when Wakamatsu didn't communicate with him for two weeks after his benching or something like that. cheap griffeys I understand Griffey's place in the game, but was he so clueless that he needed Wakamatsu to continually explain why he was benched? Wakamatsu gave him more than enough time to produce, and when it didn't happen, what was the manager supposed to do? Keep putting him in the lineup? Wakamatsu, if I'm not mistaken, was trying to win games, and he couldn't do it with a powerless, sub-.200 designated hitter. Griffeys 2013 Griffey could have been a reasonably mature adult and hashed out his differences with Wakamatsu and stuck around as a part-time DH and full-time pinch-hitter who still would have wielded considerable clout in the clubhouse. griffey shoes But no, Junior had to take his toys and go home. He said he left because he didn't want to be a distraction. Please. He left because he was in a full-on hissy-fit, mistakenly at odds with Wakamatsu. ken griffey shoes It's interesting to note that Wakamatsu, two years ago, had reservations about signing Griffey because he feared that Griffey's moodiness might be a problem in the clubhouse. Last year, when things were going well, Griffey was a clubhouse enhancer who everyone loved. He was also the congenial conduit between Ichiro and the rest of the team. Then of course, you know what's happened this year -- everything goes to hell and Griffey goes to Orlando, driving off in a huff in one of the biggest chump moves ever."Griffey rides into sunset - on a cloudy day "Of all the imagined conclusions to Ken Griffey Jr.'s baseball career, the least satisfying was an abrupt goodbye. We suspected Griffey would quit after hitting a final home run, perhaps, or playing a symbolic inning in center field one last time. We suspected he'd appear in his Mariners uniform in front of a sold-out Safeco Field crowd, doffing his cap, giving thanks to teammates and fans and the organization before walking down a red-carpet path toward the rest of his life. ken griffey jr shoes But there was no chance to acknowledge a Hall-of-Fame career with the future Hall-of-Famer on hand. At some point, between the moment he left the clubhouse Tuesday night and the moment he was supposed to show up Wednesday afternoon, Griffey decided his time as a ballplayer had expired. ken griffey shoes 2012 The ending turned out to be a 180-degree twist from the storybook scene we envisioned, and yet there was something admirable, even noble, about riding off into the sunset on a day without a sunset. No longer capable of making magic, Griffey renounced a moment in which the magic would've been prearranged, packaged as a can't-miss souvenir item. ken griffey shoes 2013 Griffey's gifts as a power-hitting, thrill-seeking center fielder were almost without peer, but he had another gift that made him unique: Spontaneity. The most familiar play on a Griffey highlight video, for instance, was not the result of his smooth swing or his golden glove. The most familiar play was the extra gear he got during his first-to-home sprint that scored the winning run in the 1995 playoff clincher against the Yankees."

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