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Teresa Law

How will we pay the bills when we retire?  We’re barely paying the bills now.  The truth is, I don’t see how I’m ever going to be able to stop working. 

We don’t make enough to save and have no pension coming.  What about 401(k)s?  We did have one while my husband worked at a foundry.  But then he was injured and we spent all of our 401(k) on groceries and our mortgage while I looked for work and he...

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Marcy Johnsen

Seattle, WA

My name is Marcy and I live in Seattle.  I’ve been a nurse since I was 16 years old, moving from nurse’s aide, to licensed practical nurse, to registered nurse.  Up until my retirement last year I worked I was a state employee at Fircrest School, serving medically fragile and developmentally disabled patients. I retired last year, and it will be another 7 years until I begin collecting Social Security, which means I only have my...

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Geraldine Phillips

I retired in 2002 as a licensed practice nurse for a group home of mental health patients.  The job was hard: half the staff my first year took buyouts from the state government, giving the rest of us twice the amount of work we had before.  I had five injuries in one year from all the fights between patients I had to break up.  But it was still the best job of my life.  I liked the autonomy I had and the work was...

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Dave Simpson

Salem, OR

Right out of college I started working for the state of Oregon.  I had a great career, doing everything from working at a state park to managing a computer group.  My wife, a public school teacher, and I retired from the state two years ago after almost 61 years of combined service.

Our friends in the private sector made more money, but we worked for Oregon so we could serve the state and build a secure retirement.  We...

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