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Erica M.

I never really thought about it until I was looking into getting a job.  And then, with the recent recession, it kind of just makes me nervous because I don’t want to be stuck in that situation where I won’t be able to support myself after I retire. 

As someone that’s going to be graduating from college next year, I definitely think that, when I look for job, I’m going to look for something that definitely has a pension...

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Dr. Harris

My wife will have a pension.  She is a teacher.  I have my military pension….and that combined with Social Security will always keep a roof over my head and food on our table.  The private investments that I have will hopefully be higher, but even if they aren’t, that will pay for vacations or anything above necessity living.  My daughter is reasonably versed in pensions and I have not idea what it’s going to look like for...

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Annie Ratcliff

I work as a nurse’s aide.  And when I get off of work I go…work as a nurse’s aide.  That’s right, I work two jobs as a nurse’s aide: one at a state nursing home for veterans and the other at a private nursing home. 

That’s 80 hours a week, 16 hours a day of feeding, bathing, and dressing elderly patients.  I also take their temperature, monitor their health, and lift them.  It’s a job that’s as exhausting...

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Pamela Honeyghan

Baltimore, MD

I started working at Maryland General Hospital while in high school.  36 years later, I’m still working here as a patient care technician.  It’s a physically intensive job and also requires us to keep up with the latest medical technology.  An error—digital or medical—can put someone’s life at risk.

Such a physically demanding job takes a toll on a person. I worry that I won't be able to provide the quality care my...

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Constance Canby Morton

Westmoreland County, VA

I can't stress enough how important Social Security is to me and my family.  I spent a lifetime of work at jobs that did not provide any retirement benefits. I have worked all my life but mostly at jobs that allowed me to take care of my family. I have two grown sons and I am grandmother.  I wish I had earned a pension or a 401(k) but I never had that opportunity.  I never really understood the need for the large amounts that...

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