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Jeff L.

Yacolt, WA

I have worked as a pipefitter in the construction industry for several years. There have been several times I had to do above average physically demanding work. One time I lowered equipment that weighed several hundred pounds, by rope, with the rest of my crew, through a hole in the ceiling. We were forced to do that because the general contractor had took the crane down to save a few bucks.I hurt my neck, off the job. I had an MRI and a...

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Michael Gropman


The article on the retirement deficit is interesting and thought provoking. My wife and I both work for the Federal Government which has a definded benefit plan and a TSP which is similar to a 401K plan. My wife and I will be fine when we retire.The rest of the employees who don't have pension plans or 401K plans could have problems when they retire.There are many opinions about Social Security some say they are major problems with it, and...

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Melissa S.

I never knew much about pension plans to begin with, until my mom went back to work.  She was a stay at home mom for years when I was growing up.  Then when I was in high school, she went back to work after my dad lost his job.  And she went back to work in a local high school here as a teacher, and one of the benefits that they offer is, after a certain amount of years as a student aide in the school, she’ll be able to receive...

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Avis Deck

Andover, KS

I will be 76 in 12 days and am a widow.  I live month to month on Social Security and a small retirement.  If Social Security is lowered I will go from low middle class into poverty class.  I paid into Social Security for over 50 years and am a retired Union member.  I and thousands of others in the same situation as I am will not be able to keep our homes and health in tact if Social Security is cut.

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Judith T

From 1965 until 2004 I worked at The Hospital Center at Orange (HCO) in Orange, New Jersey.  I’m a medical technologist and worked in the laboratory for 38 years. The salary was never great, but there was a defined pension plan and at least I was told I could depend on that when I retired. In fact, it was one of the reasons I remained a loyal employee all those years.

The HCO had a long, esteemed history as a conventional acute-...

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