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Marshall and Loretta Keeling

Marshall:  I am strongly opposed the reduction in healthcare, because on a fixed pension, I cannot survive without healthcare.  I’d probably go into bankruptcy….if they don’t maintain my healthcare. 

Loretta:  While they may talk about legacy costs, the fact is that, when you retire -- and he’s been retired now for 13 years -- is that those costs have diminishing value over the years.  And it is wonderful...

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Marilyn Higgins

Retired NY Telephone
As a senior and a retiree of New York Telephone Company, my husband, when he retired, he had full coverage and it never was supposed to be touched as a retiree.  And about seven or eight years ago, we found ourselves in with a Medicare Advantage Plan, which is not accepted by many doctors, and we are paying a sum.  And presently, now they’ve moved us out of that particular program and they have us in...

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Lois E. Weinstein

It has changed in both places.  From a traditional plan, which some of us call a “Cadillac plan,” because it provided us with many benefits at low cost, we are now in a plan -- forced into a plan -- that does not provide as much benefits, plus costs have risen. 
I think that benefits that have been won in the past by negotiations should be recognized and sustained. 

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Noah Silver

I’ve been singing/songwriting for six years.  As an artist, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would put saving for retirement at a 1, at a lowest priority. When people tell me to save for retirement as an artist, I insist that it’s not in the cards. Money for my music just comes here and there.  It’s not really reliable, and as a bartender, I’m making tips, so it’s just not enough to save for retirement.

Well, right now, at 25, I...

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Eileen G.

Bridgewater , NJ

My name  is Eileen G.I graduated from Orange Memorial School of Nursing in 1977(Later named for our generous benofactor Winifred B. Baldwin) I worked  for 27 years in three different areas as a Registered Nurse on a medical-surgicl floor, our pediatric unit,and the Employee Health Department.  I realized in my last year before the hospital was closed  (it was being absorbed by Saint...

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