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Alana Rose

Arlington, VA

I have a degree in Economics and I was in investment management doing the typical DC thing that most people do.  Then in 2007, I just that who I am what I need to be doing was not matching up with my daily life so I left to figure out where I belong and what contributions that I am supposed to be making.  And So I did all the training and education and started my own business and here we are! 

I had a retirement...

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Linda White

Bridgewater, NJ

Hi, my name is Linda and I worked in the finance department of the Hospital Center at Orange for 20 years before leaving in 2000 due in part to the Hospital's afiliation with Cathedral Healthcare System. I graduated college in 1980 and this was my first job as an accounting professional. It was a great place to work and I learned alot there, developed my skills, met some great people and felt like I made a contribution. After the merger...

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David F.

I worked as a pharmacist at Hospital Center at Orange (HCO) for 25 years.  I began as a pharmacy student and continued as a staff pharmacist when I became licensed later that year.  I was later promoted to Senior Pharmacist with additional supervisory responsibilities.  I thought I would work my whole career at HCO, but that ended with the closing of the hospital in 2004. Many of my co-workers also had worked for many...

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Anna Becker

Hillsboro, OR

My story is typical of many seniors these days and having health conditions that make it impossible to find a job--though there is a severe case of senior discrimination in the job market these days--and my husband of 45 years plus is in the same predicament.  Both of us were employed since we were 14 years old having worked our way through school and becoming professional in our occupations.  Then when the jobs began drying up in...

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Fay Binns

Succasunna, NJ

Joining the Hospital Center at Orange in 1978, I never dreamed I would still have been there 25 years later. As a young professional, I was not focused on retirement benefits but rather tried to eke out a living while raising my family. As the years went by, I settled into my employment and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the HCO family. As a “float” nurse, I rotated throughout most of the patient care areas and got to know a large number of...

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